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Today is one of those days in the landscaping business that is always so difficult to decide whether to work or not.  We have been working all winter long and will continue to, but I felt bad today to have the guys drive all the way into work today only to send them back home.  It didn’t start snowing today until about 6:40 and once it did, it kept on coming down to the tune of 2-3″ in Crestwood. Like anyone who works outside, the weather is so important to us and trying to predict or make decisions based on it is always tricky.  We have more technology than ever at our fingertips, with weather apps on our phone and the weather people on tv, but no one ever gets it right.  The only real way to get it right is to go outside and see what is going on for yourself.

While feeding the animals on the farm on days like this takes longer, it can also be rewarding.   I was able to take my time feeding and making the farm rounds while not rushing through the task.  On a normal work morning, when I am busy trying to get Boone Gardiner work done, I speed through the farm chores, completing them in about a half an hour. Enjoying the quite solitude that only a fresh snow can provide and not having any employees nor jobs to worry about for the day, allowed me a peaceful start and time to reflect.

Which brings me to the reason for this post.  I have said for years that I need to blog more.  Which I have done intermittently at best for Boone Gardiner and lately about Acorn Lane Farm. Now I want to take it a step further and actually start blogging on a regular basis, from a more personal point of view of what our crazy but very fulfilling life is like here at Acorn Lane Farm at Boone Gardiner.  I have been actually been working on a book that I started last year about just this topic, while also writing other ideas, short stories and poems.  Now it is time to get serious and start sharing (at least a little).  Hopefully you will find my ramblings to be entertaining, informative and inspiring.  I will continue to post about landscaping, gardening, plants, sustainability while adding farming, homesteading, personal stories, reflections and more.

Finding time.  Today is the day that I find the time, the time to do what I want to do, Write.   Which is what this whole great experiment that Hope and I have created is all about. Finding the time to live life fully, richly in the moment, authentically.