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I felt the need to do a quick update on Violet, since many of you have asked about her and what is going on.  I really appreciate that you guys are actually reading and asking for updates!  I promise you, I will keep you posted but nothing has happened yet.  We must have totally misread her signs, but she is stable and nothing has changed.  She is outside with the other girls and doing fine.  We have had babies for the past two years but are still new to this and many of you have offered great tips which we appreciate.  Adding to the confusion of her delivery date is the fact that we didn’t know when the “deed” occured if you know what I mean, so we have not been able to accurately track her pregnancy.  Now with Daisy we have a better idea and there is also a possibility that Pansy and Rosie are preggos too.  I will keep you guys posted.  Thanks!