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New Baby Chicks at Acorn Lane Farm

We got in some new baby chicks in at Acorn Lane Farm this week.  Our friend Ellen in Versailles wanted to get some more chickens for her property so we split a shipment of chicks with her, well we got 18, and she got 10.  If you have never experienced how they ship chicks, it is quite an amazing thing.  They ship day old chicks from the hatchery via US mail in a small box, as in 12” x14” and 28 baby chicks fit in there comfortably!  Ellen was getting them up to size and had a great setup in her house.  She took a guest bathroom and put the baby chicks in a walk-in glass shower, with the heat lamps and everything.  They have grown quickly and Ellen was ready to get them out of the house, because as Hope and I can tell you, they create quite a mess.  With our current resident 24 hens and 2 roosters, we raised them in a homemade brooder box in our basement of our old house.  The funny thing was our old house was in a subdivision and if the Homeowners Association knew about the chickens, I am sure that they would have freaked out!

So Ellen called us and brought our new little guys down the same day.  We have a new area for them to roam in but it is a little cold right now for these girls and guys to be out and about.  So we have an adorable little wood coop that we set up a heat lamp in and they are staying nice and warm.

Baby chicks checkign out their new home

Baby chicks checkign out their new home

Matthew Boone Gardiner to speak on panel for Leadership Luncheon on Sustainability

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville will hold a luncheon Friday, Aug. 28, to gather participants of the city’s “green” movement.

A panel of local sustainability experts will discuss opportunities for companies that want to improve the environmental impact of their business and for companies looking to provide environmentally friendly services to clients.

Panel guests will include Gill Holland, owner, The Green Building; Maria Koetter, president, Bgreen2; Matthew Boone Gardiner, president, Boone Gardiner Garden Center and member, board of directors, U.S. Green Building Council, Kentucky Chapter; and Jonathan Balas, LEED AP prototype architect, KFC Architecture & Engineering.

The discussion will be moderated by YPAL president-elect Geoff White, a senior associate at Frost Brown Todd LLC law firm.

The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the 21c Museum Hotel atrium, 700 W. Main St.

Admission is $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers. Online registration is available at www.ypal.org.



Boone Gardiner Garden Center presents: RETURN OF THE VICTORY GARDEN

Join us this Saturday, May 23rd from 10:00-11:30 for the second in our Green Gardening Lecture series, The Return of the Victory Garden.  Boone Gardiner’s own Holly Smith will host Tracy Missun, Oldham County Extension Agent, for this invaluable session on how to grow your own veggies and herbs at home.  Tracy and Holly will cover everything from soil issues (composting, soil amendments, moisture) to organic fertilizers and pesticides, to heirloom and hybrids varieties and companion/ succession planting. This will be a great introduction for beginners as well as a refresher for experienced gardens on how to grow your own, save money, improve personal health and the health of our planet!

Green Roof at Louisville Zoo

Boone Gardiner is partnering with Luckett and Farley on a project for a Green Roof at the Louisville Zoo.  See article in Courier and video footage below as well. 



April 20, 2009

City gets $332,000 for two energy projects

By Sheldon S. Shafer

The city has received about $332,000 for two energy-conservation projects, one a “green” roof with plantings at the Louisville Zoo and the other solar lighting at 13 school-bus stops that don’t have lights.

The projects, which were funded in a recent appropriations bill, were two of the 25 “earmarks” sponsored by U.S. Rep. John Yarmuth, D-3rd District. The 25 projects cost a total of about $12 million, Yarmuth said.

At a news conference this morning in front of the orangutan exhibit at the Islands pavilion at the zoo, Yarmuth said America needs “to overhaul our use of energy. These projects will help establish Louisville as being on the cutting edge of the move away from foreign oil” to clean, renewable U.S. fuel sources.

Details of the two projects:

-Green roof. The money included $142,725 to the zoo for an environmentally friendly roof on the HerpAquarium. It should be installed in about six months, said zoo director John Walczak.

The roof will save the zoo tens of thousands of dollars a year in energy costs, Walczak said. The current roof is predominantly made of stone. The new roof will be covered with extensive plantings that will absorb stormwater runoff and help keep the building cool.

The new roof also will be quieter, look better and reduce the zoo’s carbon footprint, officials said. The roof will be described for visitors at a kiosk and serve as a learning tool for zoo visitors. It is being designed by the firm of Luckett & Farley, with the plantings to be provided by Boone Gardiner Garden Center.

– Solar-powered bus stop lights. Thirteen suburban locations, now all unlighted, will get new solar lighting, so children won’t have to board school buses in the dark in the morning, said Mayor Jerry Abramson.

Yarmuth gave Abramson a check for $190,300 for the lighting project, which Abramson said will greatly improve safety. None of the 13 sites in line to get the lighting had electric hookups available, said Abramson.

The lighting should be installed by this fall at these sites:

-Old Shelbyville Road near Clarland Road.
-Ellingsworth Lane at Swan Pointe Boulevard.
-Heafer Road at Hines Court.
-Heafer Road at Hiawatha Avenue.
-LaGrange Road at Lilly Lane.
-Old Shelbyville Road at Middletown Square Apartments.
-Wooded Falls Road at Ledges Drive.
-Lunenburg Drive at Halifax Drive.
-English Station Road at Berrytown Road.
-Wooded Falls Road at Towne Creek Road.
-Johnsontown Road at Yuma Way.
-Bramble Lane at Hepatica Drive.
-Feyhurst Drive at Datura Lane.

Reporter Sheldon S. Shafer can be reached at (502) 582-7089.





Compost Clinic Saturday April 18th

Come join us for a composting clinic on Saturday April 18, 2009 from 1-2:30 P.M. We will cover the basics of home composting and teach you how you can reduce waste and create a wonderful soil amendment at the same time.


Breaking New Grounds will also be here to teach us all about vermicomposting. They will have worms for sale if anyone wants to start their own colony. If you just want the finished product, we will have bags of vermicompost for you to take home.

Clinic Schedule

1-1:30 P.M. – Our very own Holly Smith and Matthew Boone Gardiner will be giving an overview of composting
1:30-2 P.M. – Breaking New Grounds will be teaching us all about vermicomposting
2-2:30 P.M. – Demonstrations and Questions

We hope to see you at the garden center this Saturday!

Saturday in Saint Matthews

It was great to see so many folks interested in vegetable gardening this past Saturday! Thank you to Rainbow Blossom for inviting us out to help get gardeners started on the right foot this spring. This spring we will continue to have new vegetable starts available as it gets warmer so please stop by to check out our selection. If you still have more questions feel free to leave a post on the blog or stop by one of our clinics that we will be offering at the garden center in Crestwood.

Upcoming Lectures at Boone Gardiner:

April 18th – “Composting 101”

May 9th – “The New Victory Garden”