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OK…this is getting a little ridiculous!

OK…this is getting a little ridiculous!  How many have you heard, “Hey Honey, the pet(s) need food” one time or another?  In our house that is getting to be quite a common (and frequent) thing to hear now that Acorn Lane Farm Petting Zoo, which is our backyard, has grown more than we realized.  It’s funny how things slip up on you and then it takes one moment of looking at things differently to realize how big something has gotten.  I had just one of those moments tonight when I went out to feed our animals.  We usually run out of food for the animals at different times, therefore it tempers for us how much food we really go thru at a time with this new petting zoo venture of ours.  However today almost every species of animal (almost all) on our little micro farm needed food.  Hope went to our local feed store in Crestwood, Crestwood Feed and Seed, and picked everything up.  I had a late meeting tonight but I texted Hope and told her that I would feed when I got home, since she had the kids.  She told me that the food was in the back of her Explorer.  After unloading, and carrying 7 bags of feed ( 350 pounds) back to our storage area I looked at it all and said to myself, “OK this is getting ridiculous and a little out of control!”  I guess that is what we get for having Chickens, Goats, Alpacas, Guineas, Ducks, Geese, Pigs, Horse and miniature Donkeys.  And that’s not counting the Dog, Bees, Cats, Rabbits (currently 9 are in cages in our house, more about that at a later date) and Fish on the property!  But you know what, I wouldn’t trade it for all the world.  We are having so much fun and cannot wait for all of our friends to come out this spring and see all of the madness we have been up to!!

Here is all of the food that was in the back of the Explorer.

Here is all of the food that was in the back of the Explorer.

Boone Gardiner Blog is back, Jack!

The Boone Gardiner Blog is back, Jack!  After a two-year sabbatical, we are back.  We celebrate our 114th year in business this year and are so excited to share all of the great, new things we have going on.  Stay tuned for lots of content and details on our reopening of the retail garden center, our new Acorn Lane Farm and Petting Zoo, gardening and farm lifestyle tips  and of course our awesome landscape design/ build projects.  Oh, yeah and a new website coming soon.   We can’t wait!!

Too Hot and Too Dry Too Fast

OK, I hope that this is just a fluke, but with global climate change, it probably isn’t.  While it is one of the most beautiful springs we have ever had with the amazing explosion of color all at once, it is also very dry.  We are usually complaining about spring being too wet, but that is not the case this year.  If we don’t get rain, remember to water your new landscape plantings once a week with a thorough soaking.   A thorough soaking is defined as a deep watering of an inch or more.  When it is this hot and dry, you may want to do that 2 times a week. .  Hand watering is the best way to water and most efficient. Sprinklers and irrigation can easily under or over water.  If you do use these methods, it is essential to monitor plants to make sure they are getting the proper amount.  Now for annuals flowers,  vegetables and seeds you will need to water more frequently and monitor the plants for when they need additional moisture.  Plants in containers or with smaller root systems dry out much faster than larger trees and shrubs.  If you are thinking of installing an irrigation system, look at drip systems, which are highly efficient and use much less water.  Rain barrels are a great way of catching rain water and keeping it to use on your garden.   More elaborate irrigation systems can include a gray water catchment, cistern, that can hold large amounts of water and then distribute it through an irrigation system via pumps.   Of course one of the best methods for water efficiency is to plant the right plant in the right place and choose plants that are native or adaptable to our area and are drought tolerant.

Matthew Boone Gardiner honored by Business First with Forty Under 40 award

Business First has selected its 2009 Forty Under 40 honorees.

Each year since 1996, Business First has recognized 40 young professionals for their business success and civic contributions.

Winners were selected by a panel of judges from the Louisville-area business community. The class will be honored at a luncheon Sept. 25 at The Galt House Hotel.

This year’s honorees are:

• Becky Antle, University of Louisville;

• Phillip Beaman, Monroe Shine & Co. Inc.;

• Brad Davies, Louisville Collegiate School;

• Sean Gallagher, Greenebaum Doll & McDonald PLLC;

• Matthew Boone Gardiner, Boone Gardiner Garden Center;

• Shelley Goodwin, Shelby County Chamber of Commerce;

• Scott Graff, Churchill Downs Inc.;

• John J. Guthrie II, Ashley & Associates;

• Dr. Christian W. Hahn, Ideal Dentistry PSC;

• Travis Haire, Greater Clark County Schools.

• Erin Hall, Messer Construction Co.;

• Ryan Hammer, Harrah’s Entertainment/Horseshoe Southern Indiana;

• Michelle Mees Harper, Steel Technologies Inc.;

• Janet Lively Heberle, The Estopinal Group LLC;

• Steve Heilman, Norton Healthcare Inc.;

• Dr. Joshua T. Honaker, Baptist Hospital Northeast/Oldham County Pediatrics;

• Nikki R. Jackson, Personnel Cabinet, State of Kentucky;

• India Jewell, GE Consumer & Industrial;

• Gabriela Keemer, Mountjoy & Bressler LLP;

• Daniel Clay Kelly, Strand Associates Inc.;

• James Cole “Jamie” Lake, Kovert Hawkins Architects Inc.;

• Gregory McDearmon, NTS Development Co.;

• Dr. Kelly McGraw Browning, Pediatric Psychological Associates PLLC;

• Tom McMahon, Medical News;

• Jennifer Moore, Grossman & Moore PLLC;

• David W. Nagle Jr., Stites & Harbison PLLC;

• Kimberly Nasief-Westergren, Measure Consumer Perspectives;

• Matt Paynter, Humana Military Healthcare Services Inc.;

• Ann Claire Phillips, Office of the U.S. Attorney;

• D. Keith Pulliam, Lorch and Naville LLC;

• Ashley Roberts, Republic Bank & Trust Co.;

• Philip P. Sallee, wealthMD Corp.;

• David Smith, Forcht Bank NA;

• Stuart Steinbock, Whip Mix Corp.;

• Andy Strausbaugh, Norton Brownsboro Hospital, Norton Healthcare Inc.;

• M. Kristin Stuedle, Stuedle Spears & Francke PSC;

• Carolyn Tandy, U.S. House of Representatives, Office of Rep. John Yarmuth;

• David Tandy, Louisville Metro Council/Stoll Keenon Ogden LLC;

• Shannon Tivitt, Louisville Metro Government/Office of the Mayor;

• Geoffrey M. White, Frost Brown Todd LLC.




Matthew Boone Gardiner to speak on panel for Leadership Luncheon on Sustainability

The Young Professionals Association of Louisville will hold a luncheon Friday, Aug. 28, to gather participants of the city’s “green” movement.

A panel of local sustainability experts will discuss opportunities for companies that want to improve the environmental impact of their business and for companies looking to provide environmentally friendly services to clients.

Panel guests will include Gill Holland, owner, The Green Building; Maria Koetter, president, Bgreen2; Matthew Boone Gardiner, president, Boone Gardiner Garden Center and member, board of directors, U.S. Green Building Council, Kentucky Chapter; and Jonathan Balas, LEED AP prototype architect, KFC Architecture & Engineering.

The discussion will be moderated by YPAL president-elect Geoff White, a senior associate at Frost Brown Todd LLC law firm.

The event will begin at 11:30 a.m. at the 21c Museum Hotel atrium, 700 W. Main St.

Admission is $15 for members and $20 for nonmembers. Online registration is available at www.ypal.org.